Can Botox® Treat Trismus?

Clostridium botulinum is a bacteria that causes botulism, an illness that negatively affects the body’s nervous system. Botox®, made from this bacteria, acts as a muscle relaxant. When administered by highly trained professionals, such as our skilled Dr. Jennifer Lee, it can pinpoint specific nerves to address pain relief. Moreso, Botox® in Odessa, FL, can also treat trismus and other dental concerns.

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Reasons Why Patients with Trismus Use Botox®

What is Trismus?

Commonly known as lockjaw, trismus is a painful condition that prevents the jaw from opening and results in problems concerning dental hygiene, speaking, and eating. You have trismus if you feel pain or can’t open your mouth for more than 35 mm. If you’re wondering how you develop this condition, scheduling an appointment with a dentist or oral surgeon will give you answers.

Most cases of trismus are short-term because it usually lasts for less than 3 weeks. Nonetheless, there are instances when it may become permanent. Hence, experiencing lockjaw is not a matter you should take for granted. Consult a dental professional as soon as you experience this condition to prevent future problems.

Botox® Treat Muscle Spasms

Studies show that Botox® aids in trismus management, especially when muscle spasms within the temporomandibular joint are the cause of your jaw disorder. It is an effective treatment in managing muscle spasms that interferes with your mouth and jaw movements. If muscles spasm is the cause why you can’t properly open your mouth, electromyography (EMG) will be used to determine the level of muscle spasm. This helps dental professionals assess the appropriate treatment for your disorder.

Ideally, this prescription medicine lasts up to four months. Thus, repeated Botox® injection will be administered to guarantee that your lockjaw is well-managed.

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Where to Get Botox® in Odessa, FL?

Botox has been used in dentistry for more than a decade. At Spring Haven Dental, we offer Botox® at a reasonable price!