Top Myths About Low-Cost Dentures

Affordable dentures are designed to provide a stable foundation for a set of artificial teeth that look natural and are extremely durable. Each denture is custom-made and custom fit to your mouth, and it can be used to replace a single tooth, an entire arch, or both arches if necessary. As a result, affordable dentistry … Continued

Porcelain Veneers for Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth are a common dental issue. Some people have a mouth full of misaligned or crooked teeth, while others only have a few that aren’t in the right place. Orthodontic treatments have traditionally been used to correct malocclusion issues and straighten the smile. Some patients, however, may be candidates for a more expedient and … Continued

What Happens if a Dental Implant Breaks?

Implants are the most natural-functioning and appearing options you can get when restoring missing teeth. However, like natural teeth, they also need extra care and maintenance. So, as part of our restorative dental treatments and implant restorations in Odessa. FL, we take pride in our work to help our patients with dental implants care for … Continued

Is Organic Toothpaste Good for Your Teeth?

There are tons of benefits when choosing organic products over regular ones. Is it also the same when it comes to toothpastes? A lot of patients opt for organic toothpaste because they don’t want certain ingredients such as saccharin, sodium lauryl sulfate, and fluoride. However, are these organic toothpastes good for your teeth? Here’s the … Continued

When Is Severe Toothache Considered a Dental Emergency?

Oftentimes, a toothache is a sign that something is wrong with your gums or teeth. If you experience constant dental pain for more than two days, you may have an infected tooth. If you don’t seek emergency dental care in 33556, permanent damage may occur. But how will you know if you have to seek … Continued

Advantages Dental Crowns Can Offer

Dental crowns in Odessa, FL can address cosmetic concerns such as a misshaped and damaged teeth. They are among the few treatments that can get the job done effectively, inexpensively, and quickly. Flexibility If you have a missing or lost tooth, this treatment can be used in conjunction with a dental bridge or dental implants. … Continued

Can Botox® Treat Trismus?

Clostridium botulinum is a bacteria that causes botulism, an illness that negatively affects the body’s nervous system. Botox®, made from this bacteria, acts as a muscle relaxant. When administered by highly trained professionals, such as our skilled Dr. Christina Regan, it can pinpoint specific nerves to address pain relief. Moreso, Botox® in Odessa, FL, can … Continued

Importance of Professional Teeth Cleaning

Dental care isn’t just about your teeth. It is also important that you have healthy gums if you want to achieve optimal dental health. Unhealthy gums can lead to tooth loss and have even been linked to serious health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. The first thing you need to do to avoid … Continued

What is an Implant Restoration?

Do you know the sturdiest and strongest dental restoration? They are dental implants! These metal studs are placed into the jawbone as an alternative for your missing teeth. Implant restoration in Odessa, FL, is not only held in place by dental adhesives. The implants are permanently attached to the jawbone, making them an excellent and … Continued

Top 2 Teeth Whitening Methods

Everyone wants to know the secret behind pearly white teeth. But there are no secrets! If you’re going to have a beautiful white smile, you need to visit a cosmetic dentist for teeth whitening in Odessa, FL. Your cosmetic dentist will know which type of treatment is best for your specific needs. And which kind … Continued