How to Relieve Sinus Tooth Pain and Ease Sinus Pressure - 7 Remedies

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How to Relieve Sinus Tooth Pain and Ease Sinus Pressure – 7 Remedies

Relieve Sinus Tooth Pain and Ease Sinus Pressure

A sinus infection brings with it a heavy fullness that blankets the nose, cheeks, and forehead, creating an immeasurable amount of pressure in the face. While this pressure may seem like the worst of it, it’s not uncommon to also find yourself with sharp, searing tooth pain in the upper teeth. The combination of these two symptoms is nothing short of uncomfortable, which is why we’re going to give you a run-down on how to relieve tooth pain from sinus pressure.

Sinus Infections: What Is It, Causes, & How is Tooth Pain Connected?

Sinus infections occur when viral or bacterial germs infiltrate the air-filled cavities in the cranial bones, creating inflammation, mucus buildup, and pressure in the nasal cavity. The reason you feel throbbing, shooting, or dull achy sensations in your upper teeth is because your sinus cavities are very close to the upper jaw, and the pressure affects the surrounding dental area.

These infections can be triggered by the common cold, influenza, allergens, pollen, and mold inhalation, and may be accompanied by additional symptoms like fevers, sore throats, fatigue, ear pain, and thick yellow-colored mucus.

7 Methods on Exactly How to Relieve Tooth Pain From Sinus Pressure

If your sinus infection symptoms last for more than 10 days, then it’s recommended that you book in to receive medical care from a doctor who can prescribe you antibiotics. However, if your sinus infection is getting better on its own, learn how to relieve sinus tooth pain with the short-term measures below.

1. Don’t Underestimate Steam & Fluid Intake.

If you’re wondering how to relieve tooth pain from sinus pressure with good ol’ fashioned water, it’s through hydration intake and steamy showers. Drinking electrolyte-rich fluids like coconut water can maintain hydration levels, thin out mucus, and support your immune system in fighting the infection. Add hot, steamy showers into the mix or peppermint tea to further alleviate congestion and pain.

2. Spicy Foods Can Give You Relief From Sinus-Related Tooth Pain.

Spicy foods can help you find relief from sinus-related tooth pain. How? Chili peppers and horseradish have mucus-thinning properties, allowing your sinuses to drain more easily which reduces dental area pressure.

3. Purchase and Use OTC Decongestants & Expectorants.

An effective method is to purchase over-the-counter decongestants and expectorants, which can aid in draining the excess mucus to relieve sinus pressure. Expectorants work by increasing mucus production for better clearance, while decongestants constrict blood vessels to improve airflow. Learn how to relieve sinus tooth pain by carefully following the instructions provided on the back of these medications.

4. Drain Mucus By Humming.

Another great way to alleviate sinus pain is to hum. By humming in different tones that engage and target the inflamed areas, you may be able to soothe yourself, which is helpful for sleep. Combine this with propping and slightly tilting your head in an upright position to further help with drainage, and use oral numbing gels to help tooth-related pain.

5. Use Hot/Cold Compresses.

Using a warm compress will reduce inflammation and relieve pain, while a cold compress can numb the area and provide you with temporary relief.

6. Swish Salt Water Rinses.

If you’re wondering how to relieve sinus tooth pain with salt water rinses, simply mix half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water, and then swish it around for 10-30 seconds, and then spit. This helps cleanse the mouth and reduce gum inflammation that may be contributing to the discomfort.

7. Use A Sinus Flushing Irrigation System.

Another option is to use a sinus flushing irrigation system, such as a rinse bottle or neti pot, to flush out mucus and irritants from the nasal passages.

Tooth pain from sinus pressure can be distressing and uncomfortable. By using the above remedies, you can find temporary relief while your body fights off the sinus infection. If you have persistent and/or worsening tooth pain, reach out to us here at Spring Haven Dental for expert dental care and to schedule a routine dental appointment.

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