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My Crown Fell Out, But Doesn’t Hurt – 3 Steps You Need To Take

My Crown Fell Out, But Doesn’t Hurt

Having a dental crown fall out can be a bit of an unsettling experience, sparking confusion as to what to do next, since these restorations are meant to last years with proper oral care.

If you’ve landed here because you’ve searched, “my crown fell out, but doesn’t hurt,” know that, while unexpected, a crown becoming dislodged isn’t uncommon, can happen for a handful of reasons, and the lack of pain is a positive sign that there’s been no immediate damage done to the underlying gums or tooth. While there’s no need to panic, there are some steps you should take ASAP to ensure that your tooth remains protected until you can get the crown recemented in place.

1. Locate & Preserve The Dislodged Crown. In some cases, after a painless crown dislodgement, you might be lucky enough to find the crown itself. If this happens, rinse it gently with warm water to remove any debris and then store it in a clean, secure container or Ziploc bag. If the crown isn’t damaged and is still in good condition, we may be able to reattach it, saving you the time and cost it takes to fabricate a new one.

2. Create a Temporary, Protective Barrier. Even though you might be relieved after searching online to find out why, “my crown fell out, but doesn’t hurt,” the lack of pain doesn’t mean that your tooth isn’t vulnerable. Your dental crown acts as a protective shield for your weakened, damaged, or decayed tooth, and now that it’s become dislodged, the tooth is exposed to wear and tear, bacteria, gum irritation, and sensitivity. Until you can book in with one of our dentists, we recommend creating a temporary barrier to protect the tooth, either by:

a. Purchasing over-the-counter dental cement from your local pharmacy, and applying a thin layer of it over the tooth. This will help create a seal, temporarily minimize discomfort, and act as a placeholder until you can get the crown refitted.

b. If you can’t find dental cement, but dental wax is available to purchase, use it to cover the exposed area to create a soft barrier, and seal the tooth off from the rest of the mouth.

c. If both dental cement and wax is unavailable, you can use a small piece of sugar-free gum as another solution. The key with gum is that it must be gently pressed onto the tooth, and then not chewed at all.

3. Schedule A Priority Dental Appointment. Contact our dental office immediately by giving us a call at (813) 448-6885, and speak with a member of our team. We’ll schedule you a priority appointment to address the dislodged crown promptly, so that there are no further complications or damage to your tooth. During your visit with us, we’ll assess the condition of your tooth and the crown, and determine if we can reattach the crown using the latest dental bonding techniques, or if we need to craft a new, custom restoration for you.

Tips to Prevent Future Dislodgement

While it may be possible to determine the cause behind why your crown fell out, the most important step is focusing on preventing future dislodgements.

  • If decay forms under the crown, it can weaken the tooth and the crown’s stability. So, begin practicing excellent oral hygiene, like brushing twice daily and flossing regularly to keep the crown clean.
  • Dental cement that holds the crown in place can weaken from everyday chewing and biting, so it’s best to be mindful of hard or sticky foods that could potentially pull the crown loose.
  • Grinding your teeth at night puts a lot of force on the crown, eventually weakening its attachment to the underlying tooth structure. We recommend having a custom night guard made to prevent grinding-related damage.
  • Keep regular dental visits to monitor the fit and integrity of your dental crown, as an improper initial fit can cause it to have a poor bond with the tooth, making it easier for it to come loose later.

Avoid Future Worries! Schedule Now & Keep Your Smile Healthy.

Don’t let a dislodged crown disrupt your life. Our friendly staff is standing by to get you scheduled for the care you need, just give us a call at (813) 448-6885 today. We look forward to refitting your crown and getting your smile back into top shape.

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