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What Happens if a Dental Implant Breaks?

Some myths and facts about using veneers.

Implants are the most natural-functioning and appearing options you can get when restoring missing teeth. However, like natural teeth, they also need extra care and maintenance. So, as part of our restorative dental treatments and implant restorations in Odessa. FL, we take pride in our work to help our patients with dental implants care for their entire smile.

Implant Restorations Odessa fl

How Common Are Dental Implant Problems?

What to Do When Your Implant Fails

A dental implant is the most effective and trusted method of tooth replacement in the dental health industry to this day. While many people with dental implants never experience any issue with their new smile, anything could happen. 

Just like natural teeth, dental implants can become loose, damaged, or even need another replacement. If your dental implant breaks and pain is present, use a cold compress to ice and numb the area.

What Causes Implants to Break?

With adequate care, a dental implant can last a lifetime. In the rare case that a dental implant does break, it can be assumed that too much pressure is applied before the implant fully fuses to the bone, which is also known as osseointegration. Another very common reason is gum disease. Gum disease can lead to the loosening of your natural teeth and can cause the very same issues with implants.

Implant Restorations Odessa fl

Looking for Implant Restorations in Odessa, FL? 

Whether you are planning to get an implant restoration, or you don’t know which one is the right option for your condition, schedule an appointment with Spring Haven Dental today!

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