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What is an Implant Restoration?

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Do you know the sturdiest and strongest dental restoration? They are dental implants! These metal studs are placed into the jawbone as an alternative for your missing teeth. Implant restoration in Odessa, FL, is not only held in place by dental adhesives. The implants are permanently attached to the jawbone, making them an excellent and durable dental solution!

Where can I get Implant Restorations Odessa fl?

Facts to Know About Implant Restorations

What are the Types of Implant Restorations?

As the name suggests, implant restoration is a tooth revival or rehabilitation process that requires the placement of metal implant studs into your jawbone. There are two kinds of implant restorations – all-on-4 implant dentures and implant crown. The former kind is usually availed when the treatment needs to replace several teeth. Hence, if you lost 4 or more teeth and want to restore them immediately, the most long-lasting, stable, and economical option is to get all-on-4 implant dentures. On the other hand, implant crowns are often recommended for patients who need to replace one or two teeth.

What are All-on-4 Dentures?

This type of implant restoration is commonly known as implant dentures. Many patients oftentimes mistake them for conventional dentures. Unlike the latter, all-on-4 dentures require the attachment of at least four dentures on the dental ridges. Your dentist will firmly secure it on the implant studs, allowing for an efficient replacement of all of your teeth.

What are Implant Crowns?

As stated earlier, these individual artificial tooth restorations are recommended to patients who have lost only one or two teeth. Implant crowns are designed with ceramic materials and are connected to the implant stud using dental cement and abutment.

Where can I get Implant Restorations Odessa fl?

Efficient and Long-Lasting Implant Restorations in Odessa, FL

Whether you’re planning to get an implant restoration or you don’t know which one is the right option for your teeth’s condition, schedule an appointment with Spring Haven Dental today!

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